Small Works

Small Works

My artistic journey began with small works, making ornaments for family. It's been exciting to continue that journey, letting my ornaments evolve, and be able to see how much I have grown over the years. Since then, the amount of small works that I create have grown and evolved in many ways. Now, you'll see other items in addition to ornaments, including bottle stoppers, necklaces, pen holders, and earrings.

-Gourd Ornaments-

One of the most popular of my works, ornaments have continued to change, grow, and get more creative with every passing year. There are different styles, along with different shapes. The two main styles are:

  • Artist Choice - this style involves various pyrography patterns encompassing the gourd, with various wording/phrases, and coloring.  Christmas ornaments are included within this category.
  • Kentucky Style - Kentucky silhouette surrounded by various pyrography patterns, with the occasional wording (i.e. Kentucky est. 1792).
  • Sugar Skull - egg gourds, turned upside down, and feature designs inspired by sugar skulls. These will contain various color schemes, patterns, and include pyrography patterns encompassing the back.
  •  Penguin - egg gourd designed and decorated to resemble a penguin. Usually will feature a snowflake or wording on the belly, with a heart on the back.

-Gourd Bottle Stoppers-

Similar to gourd ornaments, these small works are designed and decorated with pyrography patterns, and may include various wording, colors, and designs. Each gourd is securely attached atop of a stainless steel stopper blank (made by a company in Pennsylvania). 
  • Artist Choice & Kentucky Style designs are options with Bottle Stoppers

-Gourd Necklaces-

Gourd necklaces have evolved and grown as time has passed. Currently, I create pendants with Tennessee spinner gourds or mini Nigerian Bottle gourds. After a request from a gallery, I now create the pendants with a flat-back, and fill the gourd in with epoxy resin. This creates a lovely back look, with just the right amount of weight. The chains I use are nickel-free chain. 

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